ANDROID NEW VERSION – Google announces release of the next Android new version

Jelly Bin, KitKat, Lollipop, or Marshmallow – all these pictures of the sweetness of the picture floats in front of the eyes! However, there are other identities of the tech-techies. Specifically, those whose smartphones go to Google’s ‘Android’ operating system, they know these names as different versions of Android.Google has continued to name many different names in the name of various confectionery Android new versions. On Monday, on the eve of the eclipse, this year’s android new version of the year, the much-awaited Android new version 8.0 was named, ‘Oreo’ The latest version of Android, named as the famous chocolate manufacturer Cadbury’s Biscuit brand Oreo, has been named. In March, Google launched the Developer Preview or Beta version named Android ‘O’. From then on many people were speculating about what would happen in ‘O’.This Android version is unveiled just after the naming. Android can be updated on almost all Android smartphones soon. Beta version was improved five times until the release. The last beta version was released at the beginning of this month.

Along with innovation, new additions were added to Oreo. The most discussed feature is the picture or the picture-in-picture mode.

Picture-in-picture mode is the convenience of removing other functions on the smartphone in any small part of the phone screen. Such benefits, however, were already available on several smartphones and YouTube with Samsung. Apart from this you will be able to keep your favorite content in the notification, special copy paste option will be ‘Smart Text Selection’. This feature allows the user to identify the full address, telephone number or web address when copying something. ‘Smart-optimization’ has been added to make battery power lasting, in the new version of Android. There are also new design emoji. For now, the Android new version OS has been unveiled for a small number of Android users. Later, many of Google’s own Smartphone pixels and Nexus phones are expected to use Oreo. In addition, on behalf of the agreement, other smartphone makers will also get access to it, a Google spokesman said. The spokesman said Google is now working to make Android more affordable for next-generation smartphones.  They are also the android new version should good for android user.


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